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Thinking and motto of our team is aimed to grant the best quality and services to our customers - it is the result of good teamwork which is composed in the food branch by two most significant components - craftsmanship and the knowledge of professionals and top-quality base ingredients!

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About us

We started  “JS Heis” bakery shop  in 2009, setting up the philosophy  of using the best ingredients in the production of our goods.

A touch of our  specialists’ mastery and skills  combined with  the top quality of best  ingredients – it is what lies at  the basis of  the whole process  and  makes our convenience foods and ready-to-use products your most favourite ones.

We often  tend to think that bakery production is a simple thing – but,  in fact,  some  recipes  have  such  long lists  of ingredients that   an average   restaurant or a  hotel might not be able to  afford purchasing  them  as they would have to  employ some  special  staff to maintain this process on the go .  For this reason  a lot of restaurants and hotels have chosen  our company’s services.

What is the difference between ‘a chef’ and ‘a baker’ ?  ‘A chef’ can often  redo their work or in lots of cases at least  correct it , while ‘a baker’  hardly ever has this possibility.

Our customers frequently  ask us the following question: ‘Could we order a freshly baked strudel for 8:00 o’ clock in the morning?’  We answer : ‘Yes, sure, but you are welcome to receive it at 10 a.m. the earliest.’  It is due to the fact that the whole process starting from making the dough, then baking it  and finishing with  final decoration of it  takes at least 3 hours.

Our range of clients includes both individual orders and  chain stores  and  HoReCa centres.

Therefore, most of our products have been the result of mutual cooperation with the best Latvian chefs or bakers  and are produced to satisfy their wishes and follow their instructions .
Our utmost  treasure and creative potential are the friendly team of employees and the Head of the Bakery production – Solvita.  The staff actively participate  in annual fairs and exhibitions, do training courses and attend lectures  worldwide.  The magic secret of our quality lies  in accumulation of  modern technologies  and ancient recipes as well as strictly following  the ecological  priciples – the most important keys everyone  needs for the  healthy lifestyle.

When choosing our company as your business partner, you can rely on  good value which is obtained by adding  a number of essential basics,  like our creativity potential, long-term experience in bread production and bakery, the  knowledge of  both modern technologies  and ancient traditions, and by all means  – the utmost quality of our goods.

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